Against the Tide: Brand new single out now!

‘Against the Tide’ speaks of societal conventions and conditioning. Looking at matters that are sometimes out of our control, it examines the push and the pull of trying to break these patterns. After diving deeper into this subject and discussing it with various people, it turns out to be something that holds numerous answers. Those... Continue Reading →

Behind The Track: Better Days

Better Days is a song for a friend who was feeling very lonely and dark about what was going on in their life. They had hit a blind spot with everything round them. As hard as I try, I have never been that good at giving advice to people - never being able to find... Continue Reading →

Behind The Track: Wolf

This song was written based off a dream/hallucination I had as a child. When I was younger, maybe 5 or 6, I awoke from my sleep, got out of my bed and silently tip-toed towards my parent's bedroom. Just before reaching my door, I noticed something underneath my bunk bed. It was a wolf. Lying... Continue Reading →

Behind The Track: Alive

The kernel that this song revolves around is: what it is to be human. What it is to work an average job you perhaps don’t enjoy, feeling at a loss, down and unmotivated, and then something happens and you start to feel that positive energy rising back up. We all get it, it’s in our... Continue Reading →

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