At only 22, Ellie yields powerfully quaint songs with thought-provoking mature themes. Embedding heavy lyrical inspiration from the early greats like Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, and Nick Cave, Ellie has produced her own folk-driven contemporary style. Traces of Katie Melua, John Martyn and Laura Marling creep into her melodies.

Being a self-taught guitarist and lyricist, Ellie adopted a soothing disposition towards the composition of the guitar around her voice, letting the accompaniment of the guitar express the sentiment of the song as much as the lyrics do.

Over the years, Ellie has encountered a range of singing styles including musical theatre and choir and her voice has developed into a mellisonant swirl of warm, dulcet tones and a secure sense of her own voice.

2017 was a great year for Ellie. Playing at Coventry’s Godiva festival, airplay on BBC Introducing and the release of her debut EP, ‘Robin’, towards the end of the year.

2018 has so far seen a small tour of the south-west alongside two single releases and her full-band EP ‘From Here On Out’. The year isn’t out yet and she still has more exciting music and gigs coming your way.

EllieGowers20180715-410 copyPhoto: James Harris

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