Behind The Track: Wolf

This song was written based off a dream/hallucination I had as a child. When I was younger, maybe 5 or 6, I awoke from my sleep, got out of my bed and silently tip-toed towards my parent’s bedroom. Just before reaching my door, I noticed something underneath my bunk bed. It was a wolf. Lying belly-side down on the floor, with his sharp, clawed finger over his mouth. He was swaying it side to side, like a grandfather clock, threatening me not to tell anybody where he was lying.

It was f***ing petrifying.

Still to this day, I am so sure it was real. I know that it probably wasn’t, but this creature seemed so 3D and life-like. It haunted me for quite a long time after that – to the point where I would profusely check under my bed before sleeping.

Translating that childhood experience into what I now experience as an adult (gulp) was difficult when writing this song. The lyrics ended up being about how the fears you have as a child develop as you get older and they stay with you, but take on different forms.

For example, the wolf in this song could now be portrayed as some of the darker feelings you have when you’re older. The fact that the wolf was originally hiding under the bed too, depicts that these feelings can often lie dormant for some time until eventually showing themselves.

When performing this song as a band, it was quite experimental. I wanted to try out lots of different sounds. We knew the feel of it and the message behind it, but we never solidified any certain instrumental bits. This means that every-time we’ve played this song, it’s never been the same. I really loved that element of surprise and so when it came to recording, we attacked it the same way we did when performing. We dimmed the lights to make it a bit more atmospheric and we played it three times as a collective. We then locked poor Cadan Beswick (drummer) in the studio and let him play around with the different textures on the drum kit and on various percussive instruments. One of my favorite things about this song are the bowed cymbals and the eery sound he managed to capture with that.

I hope this little bit about Wolf has helped you understand some of its background and where it stems from. I feel like this song is just at the beginning of its life and it holds the space to go anywhere – bigger or smaller. Keep an ear out for it…and a lookout under your bed. 🐺

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