Behind The Track: Alive

The kernel that this song revolves around is: what it is to be human. What it is to work an average job you perhaps don’t enjoy, feeling at a loss, down and unmotivated, and then something happens and you start to feel that positive energy rising back up. We all get it, it’s in our nature.

I suffered from the winter blues a bit last winter. I never felt like doing anything, I felt unmotivated, and I never really wanted to socialise.

As spring came around and the days got longer, brighter and warmer, and this song was written – the first line ‘my blues are being warmed by the sun’ reflects that. The verses are very much a summary of feeling at loss with life and being unsure of the direction you’re heading in. I wanted the chorus to almost counteract that feeling and say ‘yeah, you’re going through a rough time and maybe you aren’t feeling that great, but you never know what is coming around the corner and that something coming could be something epic’. I guess it was a reminder to myself to acknowledge the better things in life, look outside and also around me at all the wonderful things happening and realise that I still have at least 70 years left of my existence. This is a tiny fragment in life which I will look back on.

In terms of writing this song, I started with a double drop D tuning (DADGBD) which sounded gorgeously open and optimistic. I approached it with a rhythmic mind as opposed to having a riff and throughout the course of writing this song, I was always thinking about the drums and how they would fit into it. The structure was a bit weird in the first draft, and as I’ve performed it over the past year, both solo and with a band, it’s been condensed quite a bit. Not lyrically, but structurally.

When first throwing it at the band, we originally had bass, drums and an electric guitar. The electric guitar sounded lovely and it worked really well but it still felt like it was missing something.

It wasn’t until I got together with the wonderful Rebecca Shelley on violin who worked her magic and added some gorgeous staccato elements as well as harmonies and that’s when it felt the song was coming alive (excuse the pun hehe)

Recording it was a lot of fun. We did it in the morning with drums, bass, guitar and vox with the plan to overlay the violin, but when Beci arrived, we had time to record a live version which we ended up using. It felt so magical to do it as a live recording – it was what the song needed.

So now we’re headed back into winter and I know that maybe the blues may return a little, but I feel like now I have this song, it gives me something to hold on to and remind myself that things will get better. I hope it does the same to you too.

Listen to Alive here: 

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  1. Another very interesting and detailed post about the creative process for the songs on ‘From here on out’.

    I find it adds to the enjoyment when listening to a song to have some insight into the inspiration behind it, and the process of getting to the finished track.

    Thank you.

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