Behind The Track: In The Past

In The Past was released as my first single. It is a reflection of the last two/three years of my life. A reflection on the people I’ve met, the things I know, and the lessons I have learnt. I realised that at the age of twenty-one, when I wrote it, I was still in a place where I was thinking far too much about the things that had BEEN, and I was getting tied up in why I wasn’t moving forward.

The chorus:

‘There’s a taste in my lungs, a breath of what to come

there’s a fear in my hands, of letting things go and letting them live

in the past’

The taste in my lungs and the fear in my hands are both references to things and people I had taken in and absorbed into my life. The chorus is very much about taking what you know, and understanding what could be harmful to your personal growth, flipping it around and letting those things live in the past.

Essentially, this song is about growing, moving on, and taking control over your own two feet. I moved to Bristol just over two years ago, and feel like I am only just finding my centre with this city. It’s blooming lovely and I’ve really become a city gal – but it can be overwhelming. The lyrics ‘I lived another day, without you, sorry to say, i’m on the other side, don’t wait for me’ stemmed from home comforts and the things that I was so used to having around me. For the first year or so, I struggled and went back home quite a bit; but the day I wrote this was the day I woke up and realised I was actually starting to do OK and feel at home in this new place.

If you’re interested in how I actually came to write this song, I started with the riff at the beginning on the guitar, and this later got reflected in the melody of the verse. I love love LOVE playing around with alternate tunings and this was written in DADF#AD. Not only do I find these tunings to be a lot easier for me to play in, but it gives you the opportunity to explore new chords you wouldn’t think to use in a standard tuning. The chorus chords came from experimenting with this.

I found this song really quite easy to write because I was so jolted in this change of feeling. The riff and melody were written a few days earlier, but the lyrics got slammed out in a morning over a big cup of coffee; and after showing it to a couple of people and changing one or two lyrics, it was then taken to the band just as an idea to play around with. It was one of those songs that ended up fitting perfectly together like a jigsaw puzzle and within the 3 or 4 weeks of having it under the belt, it then got recorded.

I love this song dearly, and it really is a summary of what has been going on these last two years where I perhaps haven’t been able to express certain things in words. I really hope this song brings you the comfort it brought me in writing it, and I hope it enables you to detach yourself from all the things that hold you back and to move on and focus on the present. Otherwise, we’ll all be living our lives as memories.

Listen to In The Past here: 



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